Short Term use?

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I have recently received an email advising me that my account is now ready to be viewed and I have discovered that payments have been taken monthly from my account for this device. I had not noticed these payments when checking my bank account as it is one I don't use very often so some of the blame for this late request is mine!

When I ordered it in November 2017 I ordered a short Term device and as far as I was aware there was not going to be any payment after the initial payment I made for this device to be used in Spain for three months during the winter. Obviously I knew I would pay for the motorway use.

It was fantastic! Much quicker than my French Telepeage device and we were delighted with it. We wanted to renew the use for this winter, but then I got this email !

So - has anyone else had these surprising payments taken from their bank? In the region of 7 to 8 pounds per month ! It seems rather a lot, what is it for ?

I have written to Tolltickets but have not received a response. There may be a simple answer which I have not noticed BUT

I want to know;
What the monthly payments were for and why was I not advised of them being taken before the contract started?
If I pay for a short term use why am I paying throughout the year?
I would like to renew and use the device again for 3 months in the winter but I need to know the FULL cost of this !

Can anyone out there help me?

I have just spoken to someone at TollTickets after finding the telephone number on Google (not easy but it is there when you enter the full company name)

Their explanation was as follows:-

If the device isn't returned to them after the short term period of use has ended you are automatically charged a monthly rental for it. I WAS NOT AWARE THIS WOULD HAPPEN AND THERE IS NO MENTION OF IT ON THE WEBSITE AS FAR AS I CAN SEE. If I had tried to use the deceive in Spain after the end of the short term period I had paid for it would still have worked apparently.

After you have had the device for 1 year your contract automatically changes to a Long Term Contract. The cost of this is a flat rate of 35 euros for the year and then you pay the toll charges PLUS 7%

Depending on how much you use it the cost could be about the same I suppose.

So I have the choice of either leaving it as it is and paying the different charges, or returning the device to TollTickets and then setting up a new short term contract.

I have to add that whilst I am happy with this explanation and more than happy with the device, I am not happy that the situation wasn't explained to me at the outset.

Because we travel to Spain regularly I am going to leave my contract to be changed to long term and monitor closely what the charges are for the coming year.

BUT I do think the company should be more transparent with their costs and different contracts !

I hope this helps other people who may feel that they have been duped!

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RE: Short Term use?

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by Support tolltickets • 110 Posts

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your feedback.

We confirm that your email has already be been answered, and the issue was clarified.

Kind regards,

Your tolltickets support team

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